National Grammar Day...Let's Diagram It

**Best laid plans in the Planner Calendar Book, don't always plan out like I planned. How's that for a good grammar sentence?

If I were to diagram that sentence it would look like an underground rat's maze with no way out.  But, that is what I would have to do to in order to double check if I had correctly identified all the parts of a sentence.

Getting the subject, verb, direct object and even the prepositions and their objects were no problem, but dang, those dangling participles.

Yes, it was yesterday....National Grammar Day....and I had planned to give it the Highlight Spot here on CollectInTexas Gal, but the 'Geek Grammar Gods' zapped my Internet Provider and suddenly SuddenLink was not linked.  So, here I am a day late and SEVERAL dollars short! 

Okay...on with it! (that was not a proper sentence and so grammatically incorrect I'm surprised auto-correct did not explode)

However, it is an example of how far off the proper grammar wagon I have fallen.  My English teacher in 1959-60, who also taught me how to do a proper 'hook shot', is probably jumping through heavenly hoops at the disgraceful grammar, punctuation and spelling that flows from my A's in English brain.  Then there is the run on sentences and rambling...yikes!  Sorry Coach!  It's a sign of the times!

And that is the truth!   The Good Grammar GuRu's of yesteryear have been replaced with the Google Guys.  Webster has been replaced with an Urban Dickins and Phonics has been replaced with Spell Check...thank the Geek Gods!  (or is that just me?...probably not)

And now, for the 'piece de resist-ounce' in 21st Century Google Grammar Greatness....
I kid you not!
PS...**About my first sentence...Sentence Diagram-1AiWay would not diagram it.  Reason given:  Could Not Find A Complete Sentence!
It was not even fit for a Rat!


Time Travel...My Scrapbook Theory

Time travel...moving between different points in time...has been a popular topic for writers of science fiction, for movie makers and goers, and of course for astro physicists and followers of space science studies.   Now, I'm no 'Astro-Physicist', and for sure I am not a writer of science fiction, though some may disagree after reading my Family History Stories, but I do believe in Time Travel.  In fact I am a practicing Time Traveler with numerous Passports, Time Machines, and maybe even a Wormhole or two.

I only recently realized this phenomenal ability and knew I had to include it in my repertoire of extraordinary BS theories.  That's Bachelor of Scrapbooking...don't tell me you were thinking anything else!

I should have kept count of all the Scrapbooks I have done over the years. That number along with the unfinished ones shelved on the never ending bookshelf wall, gives me the right to add that BS after my name.  That and the files and files of Scrapbooking Papers, Pens, Stickers, Glues, Albums, Acid Free Everything and so on.

I'm pretty sure there is a Scrapbooking Gene, and I inherited it from both of my parents.  This in itself is phenomenal.  It makes my BS twice as significant and undeniably a 'Force Within Me'.

 Now...go ahead...say you are skeptical about Time Travel and my Theoretical BS.
At this time, I am not at liberty to divulge more of my Time Travel resources or the impressive time travel oriented stories pulled from my BS Gene Pool. 

I can tell you they are on Bloggers exclusive and highly scientific Publishing Schedule which begins on April 1st.  I promise you, it took all of my Time Travel Theoryness to figure out that Time Clock BS...and I'm not talking scrapbooking.  If nothing else, setting that Time Machine is a confirmation as to my not being a Rocket Scientist.

I hesitate to continue this line of writing where, I am sure you are tired of reading between the lines of all this heavy scientific jargon, but as I said, the security is tight and I still have a few 'Worm Holes' to dive into before I can nail down the final Letter Z.

Fortunately, there is still TIME for YOU to SignUp and TRAVEL around Blogland for the AtoZ April Challenge. 

The A to Z Challenge is posting every day in April except Sundays.  Since there are 26 days, that matches the 26 letters of the alphabet. On April 1, blog about something that begins with the letter “A.” April 2 is “B,” April 3 is “C,” and so on.

You can use a theme for the month or go random – just as long as it matches the letter of the alphabet for the day. The A to Z Challenge is a great way to get into the blogging habit and make new friends.

This is my fourth year as an AtoZ Participant and my first year as a Minion.  Each year I have written posts based on a Theme, and this year, as you may have guessed, my theme has to do with Traveling Back In Time through family photos and scrapbooks.

I will blog about and fully reveal this years theme on March 23rd on the AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal...it's a Blog Hop.

Here are Links for YOU to get more INFO and SIGN UP!


The Lion Roars In...Even In Texas!

Somebody...Shoot that Lion!   
Everywhere you look, it's about the weather.  On the television, on the web, out my back door...Enough already!  This is not how I wanted to start March here on CollectInTexas Gal.  Surely, there are more interesting things to blog about than the weather.  Give me a minute while I go check the news!  I'll be right back.

Just as I expected.  I should have stayed with the old proverb...'No News is Good News'.  But No, just had to start this 1st day of March off with stuff like Ebola, Alien Reboot (whatever that is), those damn Yankees and more news on bad winter weather.  One thing that is encouraging on that front, though, is the piece on 'Winter bad for worship'....perhaps the 'One' on high Yahoo's...and will  'Let the Sunshine In'. 
Okay, I'm done on the subject of the weather. 
 I should quit before I bring on more bad winter weather...like a lightening storm!
I am outta here...like a...
I know...but it's the closest thing I got!
Welcome March!


MARCH~Looking Forward

It is almost March!  There are lots of things going on in March for me, and I  am looking forward to the next month of 2015.  Typically, March is a windy month in Texas...as it is elsewhere, but after the erratic February weather that Texas Mother Nature has hurled at us, a little wind will be tolerable.  I say that in a whisper so she won't get her panties in a wad and blow us off the planet.

Do you remember the last Leap Year on the calendar?  I didn't so I looked it up.  It was February 29, 2012.  That means the next one will be February 29, 2016.  That's right, it is next year, and it's on a Monday.  Won't that be a day to start the week or one's life.  I can't think if I know anyone born on Leap Year.  Do you?  Certainly no one in my immediate family has a February 29th birthday, and far as I have researched or noticed, none of my ancestors did either.  But...March...now that is a different story.

Brother has a birthday in March...as you can see on my desk calendar book.  His birthday was always fun to celebrate when our Uncle MD was living.  They were born on the same day and often celebrated together.  It was always fun because MD was fun.

From the photo of us on his 4th Birthday, you might assume there was several years difference in our age.  Not so.  We were 13 months and 6 days apart...except on Leap Year.  I looked older than 5 in this picture.  It's because I had longer legs than him.  That turned out to be the case until we were 19 and 18.  He shot up what seemed like...overnight!

 You will see him in many of the 1950's photos I will be using for my AtoZ April Challenge where I will reveal my THEME for this year on March 23rd.  As a regular reader here on CollectInTexas Gal, you already know that this will be my FOURTH year to participate in AtoZ.  Doing so has given me the opportunity to write about my Family Tree, the Lone Star Quilting Bee and Fiction From Forgotten Fotos.

If you are new to the AtoZ April Challenge event...you can learn more by clicking on the 'Badges' below or on my Sidebar.  Check them out...you are welcome to join in the month of April's Blogging Bash!
http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/a-to-z-challenge-sign-uplist-2015.html  AtoZ Theme Reveal


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