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Feed it faith.
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Feed it Love.


September Is National Sewing Month

I can't think of a better way to begin September than to join in the celebration of National Sewing Month.  It was first celebrated in 1982 after President Ronald Reagan declared Spetember as National Sewing Month "In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation."

Included in the realm of 'Sewing' are needlepoint, embroidery, cross stich, garment sewing, and my personal favorite quilting, to name a few.  Each of these categories have made important contributions to the home sewing industry, the industrial and manufacturing industries, and are significant in history world wide.

Here's an interesting and prophetic statement made by Thomas Jefferson to his daughter. 
"In the country life of America there are moments when a woman can have recourse to nothing but her needle for employment.  When one is in dull company and it is poor taste to read, or simply leave, the needle is a valuable resource".
Good advice and still viable today whether one is a country girl or a city girl. 
I'll add to that and say, "With needle, thread, fabric, or yarn in hand, one need never be bored".
A Sewing Basket or two or three are a must!  Don't you agree?
Happy National Sewing Month!


Wrapping Up the Summer SEW Gallery

As of right this minute Summer 2015 ends in 22 days, 8 hours, 3 minutes and 30 seconds. That would be on September 23, but as far as my Summer SEW Gallery...it ends with this post...on this the last of August.  It has been another August of erratic blogging here on CollectInTexas Gal.  In fact, it has been a month of jumping from one project to another according to what drawer or box was opened in the moving of my Sewing Studio.

One would think I moved a long distance with all the packing and unpacking that went on in order to reorganize and begin another round of 'Stash Busting'.  When in reality it was a matter of shifting everything from the 'hottern' H E double L garage studio to an AC cooled front room. 

What a nice change and such a boost to my 'Getting Er' Done' projects like the YoYo Sampler shown above and the small four patch embroidery quilt.  Both now added to the Summer SEW Gallery.

There is one more to add and that will finish up my summer sewing, quilting and hooping pieces.  It will make for a nice new batch of pieces to go in my First Saturday at the Chicken Farm Booth.

So, even though officially Summer is not over until September 23rd, I'm done with it, and declare tomorrow the beginning of my Autum SEW Gallery.  I already have a couple of really neat new projects for the 'Opening'...here's a peek...
See Ya tomorrow for the Opening of the Autum SEW Gallery.
In case you haven't browsed through the Summer SEW Gallery...
just click on
Grand Mother Oatis's Sunbonnet Sue.


Pedal to the Medal Machine Embroidery and Quilting

I do so love and appreciate hand quilting and hand embroidery, and I have done quite a lot of both in the years of being a needle and thread enthusiast.

However, I have an affliction I call FastFinishItist that often results in hand done not getting done...sometimes for years!

Lucky for me I have sewing machines that accommodate my pedal to the metal need for speed.  Especially now, when I am dashing through my 'Stashes' getting ready for September First Saturday Booth.

  I am enjoying making 'Small Quilts'.  For one thing, they are the perfect medication for FastFinishItist even if handwork is involved.  Like stitching down the binding on this machine quilted Four Patch of 1930's reproduction fabrics.  To give it a bit more 1930's look, I machine embroidered a floral vine in the sashing.
The embroidery was done as the blocks and rows were sashed together.  This design is a built in decorative stitch on my Janome 6600 Quilter.  Here are a few 'Tips' to ensure your embroidery lays flat and the stitch color is continuous and smooth:
*Cut-A-Way Stablizer...place on back of sashing strip (same size as strip to eliminate seam bulk. 
*Embroidery Thread...use a rayon embroidery thread.  It has a pretty shine and stitches evenly.
*Tension...reduce your TOP tension.  I go from 5 to 4.  This allows your bobbin to pull the embroidery thread to the back and eliminates the dot on top.
I'm getting ready to machine quilt this table topper which has four blocks machine embroidered in a hoop.  Now this embroidery really is a FastFinishItis Fix.  It has three color changes and well over 1000 stitches and takes about 10 minutes to stitch out.  I'll be back with more of this small quilt tomorrow.  Yep, I plan to have it finished by then. 
Hooray for 21st Century Sewing Technology!



More HoopLa with Simple Pleasures Embroidery

In 1984 a stitcher named Lora spent a good deal of time embroidering the floral-hearts design and expertly stitched the words "Simple Pleasures are Life's Treasures".  Years later Lora's hooped needlework found it's way into my collection.  For several years it hung on the wall or was displayed for sale in one Junktique Booth or another.  Finally it came to rest in a basket of vintage embroidery. 
 While I am in the HoopLa mode, I decided to give Lora's Simple Treasure a more fitting frame.  So, out of the vintage lace and doily bag came a perfectly fitted mauve lace doily and piece of very vintage lace edging....just the right aging color to match Lora's embroidery.
Thank-you Lora for stitching your name and date (top left of center) on this "Life's Treasure"
It has given me hours of Simple Pleasure.
I hope it will do the same for someone at my September First Saturday Booth.


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