Cross Stitch Sampler...Meant For Me

Cross Stitch makes me cross eyed!  Cross Stitch counting makes me crazy!
Cross Stitching is time consuming!

I collect Cross Stitched Samplers!
Done by someone else...anyone else...definitely not by me!

Just look at all those tiny little x's.  Do you know how many strands of embroidery thread it takes to make stitches that small?  TWO!!

Two strands separated from a skein of six.  That alone makes me crazy!

I suppose there is a good explanation why this beautifully stitched, and professionally framed Alphabet Sampler ended up at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, but for the life of me, I can not imagine ever, ever, ever not keeping this incredible piece of needlework as a 'Family Heirloom'.   With that said, I am happy to add it to my collection and sometime soon will find a great aunt with the initals J.F.   Bless her heart...she must have had the cross stitching patience of Job and a believer in age old symbolism. 
Are you as curious as I am about why J.F. used the characters and symbols stitched in this sampler?  Do you have any ideas about the event it may represent?
Did you know that every stitch in a Sampler can be personally and historically significant?
Maybe after a bit of research, I will have some answers to these questions.  I'll let you know!
One question remains and we will probably never know...
How did it end up in a Thrift Store with a sticker price of $4.99?
My best guess...it was meant for ME.


Mannequin Must Haves

Do you have a Mannequin in your sewing studio. 
How about in your guest bedroom? 
Or maybe hanging in your storage room? 
If you have answered anyone of those questions with a 'Yes or I Wish', then you and I are on the same page with having a mannequin...or three...as a must have for a sewist/seamstress, for displaying your grandmothers vintage dress and for hanging by the neck in your Craft Fair Booth.
Maybe that is why when this 'Duck Cloth' went on clearance, it became a 'Mannequin Must Have'.  If you aren't familiar with 'Duck Cloth', think light weight canvas.  It is 100% cotton with tightly woven threads and has a wide range of applications from sneakers to artists canvas to tents to sandbags...at least the plain ole off white of yesteryear. 
But this is the 21st Century Duck Cloth, and 'Hey, Baby...you have come a long way'.
These awesome designs of Duck Cloth are destined for bags...not sandbags, but Sling Bags!
Yep, it's time to re-stock my ETSY Shop for SPRING.  I will be back on the 'Craft Fair Booth' circuit starting in March. 

There are a few Sling Bags left in the ETSY Shop...you can see them at...
and on
I am on my way to my Sewing Studio to get started sewing on the new Duck Cloth.  I can hardly wait to make a 
Mannequin Must Have Sling Bag!
It will be PINK 
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Confessions of A Slacker...But I'm Cool

It isn't often I confess to being a 'Slacker'...on the contrary, I'm usually breaking my arm patting myself on the back for all the OverDoing I Do.  I started off the year with intentions of not overdoing, but just keeping a steady pace of posting everyday...I actually said whispered that HERE.   I've been surprised that I've had something to say daily...until today.  Well, actually it was a couple of days ago that I missed posting...twice...now I'm behind two posts.  Do you think having another birthday is a good excuse for not being able to keep up with the numbers?  I do....so I'm gonna go with that!
I am usually a morning poster, but for the last few weeks with TV being such as it is...reruns already of the few shows I watch...I'm here wondering what to post about...like now.  You might say...I'm At Wit's End!

And you would be right.  I have been on a quest to collect Erma's out of publication books.  I found these two at Goodwill.  Believe me it took a good amount of will to find them in their un-cataloged catastrophic collection.

My next foray for her funny books is going to be on Amazon.   Their alphabetizing and search box will be better Goodwill hunting, and as far as I know...there is only one Erma Bombeck...that narrows it down.  Speaking of Amazon...have you noticed the Amazon Ad recommendations I've been making for products, books and other stuff I blog about?  I've been an Associate Member for several years....it's kind of cool to be able to point you in a direction that you might find interesting.  Amazon and Ad Sense are part of making my Blog more productive without overdoing it.  Hope that's working for you, too.

Okay...good talk.  I'm Cooool! 
Seriously I'm cool...it's January and it's suppose to SNOW...in TEXAS...tonight!
I'm gonna need those shades...Thanks Sista!


Staying Current with BackInThe Day Love of Crochet

Love of Crochet....kind of says it all doesn't it?  And what lover of crochet can resist at least taking a peak at their offers of great savings and latest patterns?  Not me...a Lover of Crochet since I first picked up a 'J' hook and enough Red Heart acrylic yarn to make a 'Groovy Poncho'.  That would have been about 1968-69.  That same 'J' hook and Red Heart yarn whipped through a number of afghans and whatever was trending in the magazines that circulated through my mailbox.

Although my Love of Crochet may have waned for a number of years, it remained my favorite yarn medium.   I thought for awhile I could be a master knitter, but socks got the better of my ability to master making two of a kind.  On top of that, the One of Kind projects always seemed to have two of a kind parts...sleeves...right and left fronts.  I have baskets of sweater backs with one sleeve and right fronts.

My best knitting projects were shawls made with jumbo sticks  and patterns that promised a Shawl In A Day.  I actually fell for that 'Sue, You Can DoIt' come on.  Three hundred sixty-five days later I would still be working on the Day Shawl and counting the dozen or so 'J' Hooked ones I had completed in the same three hundred and sixty-five days.  I fessed up to this procrastinated promise in The Sabbath Shawl post. 

So here I am returning to my Crochet Roots and the everlasting Love of Crochet.  Yep, it's an Afghan!  Do I need another blanket?  NO! 

You know this means that all the downsizing of yarn, books, bags and tools over the last year was all for naught!  Yep, I'm pretty sure I donated The Great Afghan Book to Goodwill, and I know for sure I once owned a copy of The complete Book of Knitting and Crochet.

Shoot, the Afghan book is probably THE ONE I donated.  It's okay, I only paid a dime to get it back.

The Rippling Ridges pattern?  It was FREE in Love of Crochet's 'We Miss You' subscription renewal letter that showed up in my mailbox just when I was wanting a Crochet Afghan pattern to make up my new stash of Bernat On Sale Super Saver Skeins in those Trendy Colors.  Sorry, I'm not only back to my 1960's Crochet Roots, but back to 'rambling'...again.  What's next? 
You guessed it....I went for the Love of Crochet come on...'We Want You Back'. 
I just love getting that magazine in the mail. 
Besides I gotta have 'FREE Pattern #2'.


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